About Us

What is Sanatan Blog?

Sanatan Blog is the most popular multi-category blogging platform where people blog about Lifestyle, cooking, Technology and more in Bangla language.

What is the aim of the Blog?

Sanatan blog aim is to help people to share all type of knowledge in Bangla language.

Who is the author of the blog?

The blog is written by Diya mandal, a student of Information Technology and a professional blogger.

Why there are advertisements on the blog?

It is impossible for a blog to survive without revenue. Like all people, I also need to pay my bills. So a revenue source is a necessity.

If I yoke the blog to an organization, it will lose its independent character. And I am not a person who likes to surrender my freedom.

For the blog to adhere to needs to generate revenue on its own and therefore I display the advertisements.

And I do have control over the advertisements so if a reader finds something really offensive then I can always request Google to remove them.

How can I help the blog?

By reading it. Read the blog and find the errors. Mistakes will creep in as it is a single person maintained blog. Point out factual errors.

You can give post ideas. You can give a small hint or write up about something. We together can then develop it.

All ideas are welcome. We can discuss and execute them.

Spread the word and through linking.

Support Sanatan Blog Financially

I have a small favor to ask. Sanatan Blog takes a lot of time; money and hard work to publish daily. I have been managing the financial aspect of the blog with advertising revenues. But advertising revenues across the media are falling fast. We have never used any unethical practices like putting links or opening advertisement pop ups etc.

If you feel Sanatan Blog has been beneficial to you in any way, you can help keep the blog alive by supporting it financially.

To know how to contribute or help Sanatan Blog, please contact us at sanatanblog1@gmail.com

How to contact the author?

You can contact the author at diyamandal26@gmail.com